Puck Services

Contract Negotiation

Our representatives have negotiated groundbreaking deals for hundreds of players in the NHL and in the professional leagues throughout the world.  Thanks to our more than twenty-five years of experience in the industry, we are confident in our knowledge of how to secure the best deals possible for our clients, providing them with the instant financial resources, as well as long term security needed. Some of our record-setting contracts and achievements include:

  • Negotiating over $50 million in contracts for Ilya Kovalchuk, all before he even becomes an Unrestricted Free Agent in 2010. Negotiating the longest deal in NHL history for Ilya Kovalchuk, 15 years, $100 million in 2010, making him the highest paid player in NHL history in total contract dollars.
  • Negotiating a 4 year, $27 million dollar contract for Nikolai Khabibulin in 2004, which was the highest annual salary for a goaltender in the NHL at that time.
  • Represented Brian Leetch for his entire career, including negotiating a 4 year, nearly $40 million contract on his behalf in 2000, making him the highest paid defenseman in the NHL.
  • Negotiating 7 year, $49 Million contract for Pekka Rinne in 2012, the largest contract for a goalie at that time.

Financial and Professional Management

We provide a comprehensive array of professional services tailored to each player's individual needs and long term goals. We have aligned ourselves with top financial advisors and experts, along with professional accountants and tax specialists so that we may advise our clients in the most prudent and helpful manner. We help our clients manage and invest their money, file their tax returns and offer financial guidance in all aspects of our client’s lives. Our experienced attorney on staff counsels clients on a variety of business and legal matters, including contract negotiations, business contracts, intellectual property rights, real estate matters, immigration, and estate planning. Most importantly, we have the flexibility and experience to handle all the many day-to-day matters which require professional assistance.

Player Development

We have long recognized the importance of player training and development, both on and off the ice.  Our clients work with a variety of experts to formulate personalized programs to help develop, among other things, their speed, power, quickness and endurance. We also provide our clients with training on handling media interviews, personal appearances, and meetings with coaches, general managers and team personnel. Our training and development has proved to be of vital importance to many of our clients throughout their professional careers and beyond. Areas of concentration include:

  • Strength Training
  • Conditioning and Endurance
  • Power Skating
  • Nutrition Counseling and Analysis
  • Media and Interview Training

Personal Services

Our full-time staff members provide you with the comfort of knowing that the off-ice details are taken care of so that you can play to your full potential. From coordinating a move to a new city and reviewing an apartment lease or house contract, to scheduling family travel, to securing appearances and endorsements, as well as everyday tasks such as bill paying and managing the utilities, Puck’s team of client administrators, travel agents, marketing agents, and professional experts provide the highest level of service to our clients. A few of our services include:

  • Banking and financial services
  • Handling insurance, including personal liability, homeowner, car and disability
  • Finding and arranging travel, transportation and housing
  • Arranging you telephone, electricity and other utility services
  • Coordinating the delivery of skates, sticks, workout gear, and other equipment
  • Securing professional trainers and training facilities

Post-Career Management

The time to plan for your post career is at the height of your profession. PuckAgency can help you make sure that you and your family are financially safe and secure. The transition from playing professional sports to a post-playing career is often a difficult one. PuckAgency has relationships with a vast range of entertainment companies that can provide a perfect fit for the professional athlete. From corporate sponsorships to television broadcasting, and from concert promotions to the Internet, PuckAgency's strategic relationships and affiliations will help you make the most of your entire professional career.

Social Media

Professional athletes have a huge online social impact. From marketing deals to charitable events, a strong social media profile can make a significant difference both personally and within a community. Our social media, public relations and personal photography experts will ensure you make the most of your online presence.